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Free Lcd To A Good Home! Monitor For Robot?

Robot Santa is here agian! I bought this LCD and then I remembered my obsession with things being centered and symmetrical. It's in good condition I bought it new but screen has a small blemish that doesn't effect how it works. Just tell me how your going to use it on your bot and it could be yours!:)
User-inserted image

7 inch diagonal screen size , built in speakers , 9v dc input , video and audio inputs as well.


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Hi jstarne1,

Sounds like a bargain to me....;)
Well, right now I'm working on :

Mobile Robot

and the idea is adding more layers/platforms. I defenately would like to install a camera
and use a kind of portable display for remote viewing. Here's where your LCD could come in.

Anyway, if someone else comes up with a better idea it's ok with me.
Thanks for the offer ! I think it's a very kind gesture.

Best regards and good luck with it,

I haven't gotten a email buddy did you want the LCD?
Just sent you an email.

Was on a vacation so i missed this thread...
Too bad Niek, anyway if I won't use it I'll pass it over to you, afterall you're not that far away;)
Yes indeed:D
niek i bought one on ebay for $39 little like that one,fits perfect inside omnibot

forgot the 7 inch one i got wont fit really good on a omnibot robot

but 4.3 inch tft display does,$29 free shipping,using it on my omnibot project

JOSH any LCD can be centered easy,just remove the lcd panel make a frame and have the control mounted to it