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Found My Platform

I finally found a robot platform better then I hoped. I always want a strong track drive platform but unless I built one, they were ether to small or to expensive. I found this this weekend at a flee market, it's called the MG-A1 Tarantula Quadtrax or the Araneid King.

Now the big challange will be interfacing the EZ-B to the platform. If anyone has done this before with this Quadtrax, please share, also here is a breakdown of the features. Features:

Articulated Arms Can Travel Almost Anywhere Track Speed in Excess of 65 Scale MPH Incredible Climbing Speed of 4 Seconds Per Step Unique Tread Design to Maximize Speed and Climbing Efficiency 6-Way Operational, Full-Function R/C Available in 2 Radio Frequencies (27MHz/49MHz) So You Can Race Them Against Each Other for Competitive Racing Fun! Battery Requirements:

Controller: 1-9V Alkaline Battery Vehicle: 1-9.6V NiCd Rechargeable Battery


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That's an awesome platform, good luck!