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Flat Eyelids?

i want to create flat eyelids on the eyes of my companion robot so that he can emote simple expressions. anyone have a way to make flat eyelids close/rotate? here's some positions that I want the eyes to be able to do:

(imgur isnt working, so here's the link)


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hi.. well, what are you using for the eyes ? LCD, led panel, some mechanic eye ball ? best regards. Tevans


Here's something ro consider. The pictures you posted do convey emotion but eyebrows actually are more involved in expressing feeling than the eyelids themselves. This is why Disney puts eyebrow shaped features on animals that don't really have them, like the fish on "Finding Nemo." Look at your own face in the mirror when you simulate emotion. Wallee didn't have eyebrows but he had the enclosures that stuck out over his eyes that moved. If you want add expression, you could do both eyelids and eyebrows, but I would suggest thinking about eyebrows first.


Definetly that works better for expression. Use 2 micro servos and it's done... Here some very simple demonstrations...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


eyebrows don't look that good on this robot, i've messed around with it before with the 3d model. I've been looking around for schematics for this, but I can't find any. any help would be lovely. :D

plus i can't really get a good angle on his head, it's oblong and the face has a weird angle save for the eye sockets (i put them back in the head a bit, so the openings are flat)


It would help if you posted a picture of the face so that someone might be able to give you some suggestions on how to fit working eyelids into it.


Cupcakehat, Without knowing the size or shape of your robot's face it is difficult to design something to fit into it. Here is what popped into my head though. If you can fit servos, or micro servos, in around his eyes, this might do the trick. You would need two servos for each eyelid. You would have to decide if you wanted to do all four, or just upper ones. Figure one shows how they could go together. The red servo would be stationary, attached to something in the head. The blue servo would be attached to the horn of the red servo. Of course the thin plastic eyelid would attach to that. Rotating the servos would give you the motions that you were looking for. I think the pictures are self explanatory. Figure 7 shows that they could be put either between the eyes or on the outside. To fit them all in, you might put the upper lid servos on the outside and the lower ones between the eyes, or vice versa. It is just an idea that you might want to play around with.

User-inserted image


I don't know if that fits Cupcakehat's needs... But I to me it's brilliant! Lol ! I was digging up my head to find a way do fit some very expressive eyelids on my prototype and that is a perfect solution... Thanks!


Thank you for the compliment, tevans, I am glad that it is going to help you out.


this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! The head isn't too small but i still have to use hi-tech nano servos for this.:D


You're welcome. I'm glad it works out for you. Perhaps when you get it working you can post a video or pictures.


@Danger! Man this is brilliant! I am also absolutely sure that eyebrows are a key element to make our robots emotionally responsive and believable! :)