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First Version Of ARC

The first version of ARC was released on February 2011. I was going through old code and came across numero uno! So, for fun - here it is. If you are interested to see how far we've come, this might be neat. You will have to uninstall your current version, etc.. But it's worth it!


*Warning: This is not a current download. This is a download of the FIRST version of EZ-Builder, ever. This is not a current release. This is nothing something you'll even want to use. This post is for the community who have been around since the beginning. If you're new here, you'll want to visit our Downloads page. You can find that by looking at the top menu of this website. Look for the word Downloads, and click it.:)

Download: EZBuilderInstallerLegacy.zip

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I am leading a Robotics Merit Badge Counseler. I am leading a team of boys to build a robot, which will autonomously find and retrieve a victim (stuffed animal). Next, the operator will take control, via an R/C, and attack a target (arisoft gun).

Our budget is $1000.

I have recently discovered the ez robot controller. Does it sound like a good fit to control a 4-DoF arm, truck and gun?


@Troop191Robotics hello! Sounds like a fun project for the boys! It'll be something they won't forget!

I designed the ez-robot platform for things even far more advanced then what your requirements are - so in short, yes! It'll do it:) And it'll be the east and most reliable method also:D

However, do not use the file from this thread. You posted in a thread about the first version of our software from last year.:D