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Firmware Update Doesn't Seen To End

Seems to update, but never comes back. This is the output in the console:

Attempting connection to COM3
EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V2
Press the UPDATE button to start upgrade
Warning: Line 513: Skipping Type: 4
Warning: Line 514: Impossible Diff: -8192
Address: 0x0, SB Size: 0x4000
Starting Boot Loader...

sending ping
sending ping
sending bootloader
I am EZ-B BootLoader. Gimmie Firmware!

Updating... (16,384 Bytes)

I am running Windows 7 64 Professional.

Both LEDs are lit solid.


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@jcrupi try rebooting. Make sure you are using the built in windows bluetooth stack. third party drivers will not work. is your bluetooth internal or external? (i.e. is it a usb dongle or is it built in your computer)

What is your processor speed? or model number
It's a Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7

Running VMWare.

I am able to connect to the with ARC and it seems to be updating the firmware.

We can't support communication through vmware, as it's never been tested by us. Can you dual boot into the windows OS natively, rather than vmware?

The way to tell if it is updating the firmware is by looking at the EZ-B larger LED. If it flickers while the firmware is uploading, then it is receiving. If it does not flicker, then it is not receiving.

Because it never completes, it is not receiving.

The vmware driver must be dropping packets.

What you can try, but this is just a guess.. If the software emulation is not keeping up to our required speed, then add the EZ-B to your Mac OS. Then share the communication port to your VM Image.