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Filereadline Command


I have been storing my variables in a csv file and saving them at program exit and re-loading them again at program start.

Somewhere along the line of updates the following line of code seems to have stopped working for me ...

$txt = FileReadLine($filename)

I keep getting "Invalid expression construction: "location, tablet".

Now the "location, tablet" comes from my CSV but the Invalid expression must have something to do with my syntax... It had worked until my latest update...

Here's my code... it reads a text file listed below...

$filename = "C:\EZB_Config.csv"
IF (FileExists($filename) = false)
  Say("System Configuration file NOT found. Unable to establish location.")
  Say("Manual location configuration required.")
  cc( "Script Manager", ScriptStartwait, "Identify_Location" )
$txt = FileReadLine($filename)
$Current_Location = Split($txt, ",", 1)
Print ("Establishing location as $Current_Location")
$Config_Filename = $Config_Pathway"\Config - Project.csv"

My CSV file simply has the following

Location, Tablet
Config Pathway, C:\Users\Wayne\Dropbox\My Robotics\Lawrence

Have I missed a syntax change.... or is it something else. Any suggestions?


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It's a bug in the EZ-Script compiler that will be fixed in the next release. I'm in testing now, and it should be up within the next 48 hours :D

I've been so busy with a bunch of things - that I haven't been able to repair this ARC bug. Even with the new hires, we are still under staffed :P

New Zealand

Thought as much.... was really just making sure I was not imagining the problem.

Thanks DJ for your tireless efforts to keep us all happy ....