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The body design of JD is pretty gender neutral, so I think there's no real need - if you want a bow on its head to signify that it's feminine, you can always do that yourself!:) JD seems to have masculine character, but can easily be adapted to be feminine if you wish.

And I mean, I'm a girl, and I don't wear a bow on my head;) It's a cute accessory though!


hi chrissie

i dont have a printer.but indeed che needs another chest. i see some members making a female robot do.


Well, not really....

Do you know the game Minecraft? At first, the creator refused to make a female avatar, saying that he didn't want to try to model a feminine chest in such a blocky form.

However... now there is a female avatar in minecraft! Guess what, it uses the same body as the male avatar, I think just the face and hair are different.

Just something to think about:) It's really all about the spirit you give the robot yourself, how you treat it, what you name it, etc. I don't think it needs a new chest piece to be feminine. JD's chest piece doesn't really look like a man's chest either;)


yes you cannot argue about colors and chape.


i think that JD being gender neutral is pretty great. I mean, it's for both boys or girls, no one is left out. people of both genders can enjoy it, which means more EZ-Robot users.:D