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Feature Requests For Additional Support Of Ar Drone

I mentioned this in the release note thread where support for AR Drone 2.0 was announced, but I think @DJ might have missed it.

Can you add the ability to specify the IP address of the AR Drone? With the latest firmware, it is now possible to have the AR Drone join an Infrastructure network rather than creating its own Ad-Hoc network, so if we can specify the address, it would be possible to control an AR Drone 2.0 and one or more EZ-B's from the same machine, or depending on use of movement panels, from the same instance of ARC.

My dream use case is to have a rolling platform that can launch the drone and retrieve the drone (retrieving would be tougher because accurate landings are not easy, although I could build an arm to pick up the drone and return it to the landing pad).

(then I just need to figure out how to remotely turn on the drone, which today is done by plugging in the battery. Probably need to wire in a switch and a way to activate it from the launch platform).

The other request may be doable with just some changes in configuration, I just haven't had a lot of time to play with it yet. When object or color tracking, the Drone appears to try to get very close to the object. I would like to keep a set distance away. Here the use case is to put a glyph or specific color on my back, and have the drone follow me from about 10 feet away while filming me mountain biking (I would put my tablet in my pack controlling it). The idea would be to reproduce This without spending $1500....



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The IP address request has been on the list since v2 drone release :)

The other request is not for me / but for you. With some code you can determine the size of the glyph to know when to back off or forward the drone



I thought the second one was probably something I needed to work on. Just need some time with good weather. Even with 2 long life batteries, I don't get a lot of flight time to experiment before I need to come back in, and my wife doesn't want me flying it inside, so I can only test on good weather days when my "honeydo" list isn't too long.

I guess I could get started by just using the camera and manually moving the drone to get some of that started.

I am taking a day off next Tuesday and expect to spend at least half of it working with ARC and my drone. (unless by some miracle my EZ-B developer kits arrive before then, in which case they will have all of my attention)