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Feature Request For ARC

I would like to see a feature added to after you have written your script in EZ-Builder, you have an export option to either VB.net or C#.net. So basically take EZ-Script and convert it over to one of the programming languages.


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I'm sorry - that will not be possible. Converting to and from programming languages has been a difficult challenge since programming languages were created. There is no easy way to convert between languages - and all existing converters will include a warning that the conversion is not guaranteed.

Also, ARC includes a graphical interface. When you create a program in other languages, you have to define the interface yourself. While there are many routines for EZ-Script that includes waiting, looping, pausing, etc... That is called "threaded" in other programming languages - and the code is connected with the UI to ensure user interaction is not blocked. This would be unpredictable code to generate - because the number of uncertainties is enormous... So much, that it hurts my brain.

It would be much easier to load the C# EZ-SDK and look at the examples.