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It's funny when your watching a show and think, "Hey I wonder if anyone has tried to make a DRD that works?"; and when you look up images, you get a link to EZ-Robot.:D

Just making an observation that people might find EZ-Robot even when not looking for it. ;)


Haha , that's very true! I found ez robot the same way. The forums are a magnet.


That is so awesome! I am going to 3d print one immediately!


Hahaha , nice , if you 3d model one for print on the makerbot do you mind sharing it;) ? I just printed "Moya" the starship a couple weeks ago

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Lol, I just tried to look for a "Like" button on these posts, Farscape is great!


@DJ - print one out to fit over a Roomba. It will look cool and be practical. You can have it kick'n around the office for more entertainment on the web cams.


I hope this gets done. I sure would like to build one.


I with Steve, a version to fit over a Roomba/Create would be awesome. i would pay one of you guys with a 3d printer to print one for me....


I'm getting a little excited at the thought of 3D printing DRDs and having them fully functional!

So with the Makerbot replicator 2 there will be some size constraints in order to print the body to scale, unless it was cut in half and then adhered together later on.

I was thinking that these lamps from ikea would be perfect for the DRD eyes, as they would be pre-wired with LEDs already that are super bright.


Good find Jeremie.... those leds would be perfect...


It's fun to see how digging into history can spark new ideas.:D


I came across this today. It looks like the kit from the original post. It doesn't give the dimensions but it looks to be smaller than a Roomba. And I am quite sure some of the folks here can do a much better job of making this thing mobile than they did on this page.

Farscape Droid


Can I revive this DRD and Roomba thing? I still like the idea. Just need someone to design/make the shell.


Hey , yes I'm reviving this thread because I know lots of people like it. I'm working on a 3d design for farscape DRD tonight using the following pics as reference.

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User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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I really like the center pop up light cylinder


Yes! I love this little thing. I'm really looking foreword to seeing this. Are you going to paint it with the worn and dirty look or factory fresh look? Personally I like the battered look. Any new or improved ideas on what you'll be having it do other then just run around the house avoiding things?


Hey Zap! , I am newer to 3d design so I will do my best, but I really want to go all out with details and even improvements over the original prop. The prop was a small RC car and not much room for anything. Thanks to ez robots v4 small footprint we will have more options. As for function , I don't know. What do you want yours to do? Maybe a decorative flashy bot that is a decoration that moves every once in a while? Maybe it moves, but "likes" a particular area? I really was thinking of taking one to DragonCon and see how many people will take pics with it. Also , a roomba is perfectly round and really too big to serve as a base. That doesn't mean roomba wheels and motors would not be useful though.


Well, I was thinking if it was on a Roomba base it could just wander around like a Roomba. But if it won't fit on the full base maybe the Roomba motors and wheels can be used to make it do similar things.


It actually might fit the guts of a roomba the base of the drds on the show had a base of about 14"x10". While a roomba is 13" in diameter the guts are just over 9". So with scans of the roomba guts we could conceivably engineer a shell for a Roomba. My printer can print a 1:1 scale drd shell as one piece. So if we can get a model I can print out shells for all of us.


I found this pair of flexible reading lights that seem like they would work out nicely on a DRD:D

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