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Face Recognition Script

When I ask for input for one reason or another from a human I use this script to check before I have my robot speak It returns a $Face_Found=1 (YES) if it finds a human after about 5-10 seconds.


Visual Confirmation of Human Presence |


Print ("+-----------------------------+") Print ("| Checking for human presence |") Print ("+-----------------------------+")

Initialise Variables

$CameralsTracking=0 $count_down=20000 ControlCommand("Camera", CameraFaceTracking)

Start the sequence

Print("Scanning for faces....") ControlCommand("Camera", CameraFaceTrackingEnable) :Find_face $count_down=$count_down-1 $Face_found=$CameraIsTracking

Print("Scan $count_down")

IF ($count_down<=0) Print ("No faces visible!") Goto (Face_Check_Complete) ELSEIF ($Face_found=0) goto (Find_Face) ELSEIF ($Face_found=1) Print("Face located...") ControlCommand("Camera", CameraSnapshot) Print("Image recorded.") Goto (Face_Check_Complete) ENDIF

:Face_Check_Complete Print ("Scan completed!")

ControlCommand("Camera", CameraFaceTrackingDisable) halt()


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These are great, loads of ideas on how to do things in scripts. I'm sure I will be borrowing parts for my code.

New Zealand

Glad to be able to give back....