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Grrrrrrrrrrate, bring it on.......


Im thinking of eventually making something similar with this in terms of hinge legs. I'm planning to make a tyrannosaurus rex. But creating multi-purpose hinge legs is difficult task. I'm planning to have the whole structure similar to this picture: User-inserted image


@deuel18 Wow, that's epic! Is that a ZOID? Love the style of those things.

@Wolfie Can't wait to see FRED melting hearts with it's cuteness :)


Right now im "trying" to figure out how to skin this little dog lol


Just cut it's neck just like DJ did to Teddy Ruxpin lol


Ok well its now skinned but I kinda broke its neck

BUT FRED will live again:P lol

United Kingdom

I had a similar plan with one of my nephew's Fur Real pets last Christmas but it was too small for the V3. I've since been looking for a bigger motorised dog to do this with (ideally life size), more so now for security than before.

Will be watching this one with a close eye.


I have been looking for along time for some thing like this but every one I found was way to small and brand new lol

Today I found a little old thrift store that I did not know about before and I found fred in a pile of junk so I picked him up and asked the little old lady "how much" well she asked me where I plan on taking him.

I said I was going to take him home and that I was going to dissect him lol

All she did was smile and say have a great time with him and would not let me give her any $ at all for him :)

All I could say was "Thank You:D You made my day"

Now I think it will be a hard build for me as much of it will need to be completely rebuilt to make the legs work right lol

It may take some time to do lol

these next photos will give you a better idea of its size

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


I don't know if I can add a camera to it but there is a lot of it I want to keep

Light up eyes ..... have not seen them working yet Working Mouth with pressure sensor in it Waking tail

What I will add to it is pressure sensors in the feet and maybe a light in the dog caller to flash when it talks just like in the movie "Up" I thing that dogs name was Doug

lol I can see it now lol Fred the blind little dog that can speak:P lol


Turns out that there is not lights in the eyes there is IR sensors

But I will replace them with RGB leds or 2 cameras if I can fit them in


I have been doing alot of thinking about this project and desided to compleatly replase all od freds guts

If i try to work with what it there it will be alot harder than if i just keep the shell and add in all new parts


Any thoughts on what i should do with Freb ¿

United Kingdom

Hi there @ wolfie,

The origial mechanism of the fred looks similar to a wooden mechanical mammoth that me and my son built a couple of years ago, is there not enough room inside his body for a motor shield to assist with movement?


The old mechanism is just to primitive for walking so I plan to completely redo it all with servos and stuff

Just not to sure on how I will make it work :S lol


I feel like we could make a modern-day Frankenstein sequel out of these pictures! :P


What kind of voltage does it run on originally? Just used some tiny motor controllers from Pololu to control the DC brushless motors in a Rokenbok toy dump truck. The inside of Rokenbok was too small for an EZ-B so I had to use an arduino, but they would work fine with Ez-b. Keeping as much of the original mechanism in tact makes reassembly lots easier as long as the mechanism was working.


I've been doing ALOT of thinking about what to do with Fred I have decided not to reuse any of the old parts other that the shell shin and "bones"

I'm just getting ready to "break" little Fred's little legs lol oh and cut the skull apart so Fred can tilt his head a bit with out cutting the skull Fred can only pan and not tilt