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Ezrobot At Brookestone

Just wanted to say how cool it was to walk into the Brookstone here at our local mall today and see some EZrobot parts on a shelf, so of course had to buy a couple of items. Sadly I noticed that there was no robot out on display. The only robot that they did have in stock was that six legged guy. I'm also hoping that Brookstone will eventually carry even more items.


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We are still in the process of rolling out items to all brookstone stores. Since there are 174 stores, the rollout is happening from their main flagship stores down to the smaller ones. We were able to ship more SIX's than JD's but they're coming soon.

Every brookstone store will have a demo JD and SIX as well as 8 or 9 different EZ-Bits. As we continue to build the relationship with brookstone we plan to add more sku's to their shelves.