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Ezbv4 Camera Cable Beware

Well excited by the arrival of my EZB order powered up the EZBv4 controller all fine and dandy. Then I plug in the camera it kills the controller lights go out and nothing. So I take the camera apart to see if the cable is shorted somewhere it isn't but there is a twist in 2 of the wires inside the camera housing. So checking on the forum I found a pic of the camera cable the twist looks as though it should be at the EZB controller end not in the camera?

I reversed the cable plugs and lo the camera lights up and all seems normal. Except now I still can't get the camera to actually produce video so it may have been damaged perhaps someone with a working v4 camera could confirm the camera default IP address and if the twist is at the controller end? confused


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I am at work, so can't confirm the cable part, but the IP address of the camera is the same as the IP address of your EZ-B, without the :23 port at the end. So if you are in AP mode, the camera IP is


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Thanks Alan I thought I was correct with the IP address and no port number. Ohh well looks like I may need a new camera


What do you mean by a twist in the 2 wires? Can you share a pic?


I just looked at one of the cables used to connect the camera to the EZB(4) and did not see any turnover leads. The cable runs pin for pin from one end to the other with no crossover.

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Hers a pic this connector was at the other end inside the camera shell and I reversed it after finding another pic in the community pages so it was the same. Which stopped the camera killing the controller power and the camera blue light now flickers when it turns on but no video

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That's where your problem is..... There is no turnover wires on the camera ribbon cable.

User-inserted image

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Well guess what I fixed it by taking out the twist. So it now it all works. It was a bit fiddly but pleased to get it going and not have to send for a replacement. I gave the credit to Robot-Doc as I couldn't credit myself lol

Thanks guys


Glad to help winstn60, enjoy some video.