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Ezb V4 Is Broken, Please Help

(shortly before this the speaker stopped working) A short while ago i was working on a project and i unplugged the ezb v4 to fix a mechanical problem with my robot and when i plugged it back in after, it would connect to the laptop's wifi but it couldn't connect within ARC . The lights still work and when i go to the page where you change the type of connection it blinks the correct colors and looks like it is working (with the exception of the speaker). I don't know what to do and would appreciate some help, Thanks.


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Sounds like the main arm processor on the bottom board of the v4 has been damaged. The ezb will need to be replaced. Please post a schematic wiring diagram for your robot so we can help prevent this from happening again. You will need to provide a schematic of how you are connecting your robot and what you are working to achieve. Also provide what power source you are using and how it is configured.


it was a while ago and I don't remember what robot it was, however I do remember what battery and I can get all the details once I get home

Ps-i am the one that makes the paper straw robots


I think I was using a LiPo battery and the robot was a bipedal robot modelled after a human but it didn't have a torso, the legs were too close together so I took the v4 off (without unplugging the servos), took the legs off and reattached them farther apart, then when I started it up it wouldn't connect. It did not get dropped or anything while I was working on it


Actually I was using a hi rate lithium polymer rechargeable battery, 2200 mAh, either 11.1 or 14.8 volts