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Ezb Serial Communication With The Vex Cortex

So I realize this is probably a long shot, but I am hoping one of you C programmers can help me... The Vex cortex micro controller would serve me well as a low level sensor/bump and motor controller for my current project... What I want to do is use my EZB4 to communicate with it over UART (since the vex cortex has 2 UART ports)... The wiring and hardware is no problem. My problem is I can only use EASY C (which is a drag and drop programming language for the vex cortex) to program with... Apparently there is a way to program in Easy C to read and write to the serial ports.... Now, remember I know diddly squat about C programming so the code will have to work in EASY C so I can down load it to the cortex... Again, I realize this is a long shot, but maybe one or more of you guys might be familiar with EASY C and the Vex Cortex micro controller...

Thanks Richard


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