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Ezb Not Discovered By Bluetooth

Hey gang, I got my kit but BlueTooth doesn't see my EZB. It will detect my phone but I have to make my phone "Discoverable". How do I make the EZB Discoverable?


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When the red light is flashing on the EZB BT module it is discoverable. So basically, power it up. It'll probably show up as Linvor (I think, something like that anyway)


It has to be either my dongel or my settings. My Android tablet sees it but my Windows machines do not. Any config suggestions?

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Someone else had a similar problem the other week. I'm not sure of their outcome but I think it was down to the BT Dongle. Replacing it may solve the problem - it needn't be a top of the range expensive dongle, the cheap $5 ones work just as good.


I believe I have the one that EZ sells. It's sees my phone but no EZB. My tablet sees it so I know it's broadcasting but ANdroid is a mobile platform and handles BT well. Windows however is another story. I had to tell my phone to hook to the PC. Not PC connect to phone. Hmm.. I only have the Generic BT driver and Windows Emulator installed. I have to be honest, I totally expected to have this problem.


The only way windows will connect is by receiving a connect request from another device. If it doesn't hollar at my PC my PC won't see it. There's not a pair button on the ezb is there?


Has to be the dongel. My step son's laptop sees it just fine. Oh bother... More waiting :(

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That's odd if it's the EZ-Robot one since that's what I use and never have a problem.

My BT settings are like this...

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Bad dongel, Got a new one specifically for Win7 and I'm upgrading firmare as we "speak":) thanks Rich