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Ez-Robot Visits Endeavour Arts Studio

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We were asked to attend a small function at Endeavour Arts tonight. I managed to free up a bit of time and brought a few of my most recent robots. Watch the video and see a great group of people interacting with EZ-Robot. A fantastic evening:)


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That is so cool. I am glad you were able to free up some of your time to let others see some of the cool projects you have done. You might have sparked some interest into the youth that were in the video.

I am always glad to see people that take time out of their busy schedules to help the youth of the world. I race full-size electric race cars
(Electrathon America) and have got many local high schools and colleges involved in designing, building, testing, and racing their vehicles. I have had many students tell me that they had no clue what to do with their lives until the race car sparked their interest in design, electronics, CAD, etc. One of the students I helped now works at Lockheed Martin!

So anyways, great job! I can't wait to recieve my ARC kit to get my kids interested in engineering and robotics!

@btallis thanks dude. I love hearing that sort of thing. When people engage with people - that's how great ideas are born

Your avatar makes me laugh