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Ez-Robot Now Available In Australia

G'Day everyone,
That's right the EZ-B is now available in Aussie.
Check out my new site where you can now purchase the awesome EZ-Robot controllers, cameras, kits and a heap of other goodies, not to mention all the RC gear we have been selling for years now.
As the site is brand new there are hundreds of items yet to be listed but all the EZ-B products are available NOW plus a few other Robot bits and pieces. New stock will be added each day over the coming weeks and if you need something that is not listed yet please don't hesitate to use the "Contact Us" link either here or on the site and I will do my best to either get it listed ASAP or get it ordered in for you.

Happy Building From Richie's RC & Robotics

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Which State are you based in ?
Hi @Algeraist,

Based in Heidelberg, Vic and shipping for the EZ-B starts at 8 bucks and 12 bucks for the full kit and for just a few more bucks you get it the next day (express). Unless you live out the back of Bourke then that might take an extra day or so.

Richie's RC