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Ez-Robot Is To Cool

EZ-Robot is becoming way to COOL for words :D

With all it can do and all the addons like EZ Face and RoboRelm its getting way to cool to discribe in words

Now when i try to tell others about it i get compleatly lost and all i can say is look at the site it will blow your mind :D

I cant imagen how cool it will be in another year

I cant think about what can be done in 5-10 years ..... Thats allmost scairy. LOL :D

GREAT JOB DJ and the rest of the EZ-Robot team :D


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Thanks @Wolfie we do our best to give our customers the best experience we can in hardware, software, and the overall user interface including the website and customer support.

That being said, I think our strongest attribute is listening to you guys! We take your suggestions and requests to heart and create new features and even accessories based on your ideas and feedback. You may not see something materialize instantly but rest assured it very well could be being worked as early as a few days after you suggest it.

Thanks for your kind words :)