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Ez-Robot In Scientific America

Hey everyone, we had a short article published in Scientific America today - and I mean short! Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in the outcome of my efforts in explaining the incredible value that EZ-Robot adds to education of this article

Like all interviews, it was very lengthy process consisting of 3 separate sessions and I provided a great deal of information. However, it appears they were unable to correlate how EZ-Robot help children in education? And therefore, the article resulted in being very short. I was hoping some of you could take a few minutes to add a comment to the blog on their website regarding EZ-Robot and Education. Specifically, how we're providing children real world results.

This is a great opportunity for you, our community, to publically share your EZ-Robot experience with the world. With the article being newly posted, we can get some positive attention through it. It would be helpful for us to have some of the EZ-Robot Community share their passion to the Scientific America readers.

Given that our product is also used by large organizations such as NASA... when children learn EZ-Robot, they are also learning a product that can get them a job when they graduate. There's so many amazing reasons to use EZ-Robot over Link Bot and the others listed on their article.

So, if you could take a moment to visit the article and comment to add to the - I would be very appreciative:) Thanks!

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Article URL: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/4-robots-that-teach-children-science-and-math-in-engaging-ways/?page=1

@Mohamed, that's great to hear:) I bet your EZ-Robot will be amazing and impress your friends. I'm always adding new features and enhancements to the software to make it more powerful!

We are working with many school boards, teachers and home schooled parents. They are all recognizing how different EZ-Robot is from the others. Our branding, style, video media, software, hardware and community separates us from the others.
Also, thanks everyone for the comments. Hopefully we'll get Anthony and Rich to chime in on there as well!:D
South Africa
It will be a big archivement if I impress my friend I am working with one friend he said that he will be getting wifi soon.All my other friends looked up arduino and they said that I will never be able to build a robot but thanks to ez robot I can now prove them wrong
@Mohamed, that's really great to hear! thank you for the nice words:)

Also, thanks @Fxrtst!