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Ez-Robot Builder Could Understand Spanish?


I am from Ecuador and i bought one kit!!! I am waiting!!! but I want to know if EZ-Robot Builder can understand spanish?? because I read in Tutorials that Ez-robot Builder use the speech recognition of Windows.....???? if I have windows 7 in spanish?? what happen???

Thanks From Ecuador!!!!!:)*cool*


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@edison2 haha, you know what? I don't think anyone actually knows the answer to that. You can install ARC and add the speech recognition control. Try adding your own phrases in spanish with simple commands like Forward() and Right(), etc... See if it works:) Let us know
lol, awesome question...

my ezb is, "our for delivery" yay!

ill try it tonight
@DJ Sures

ok! haha! I will try to add my own phrases in spanish! and I will post here what happen with my ezrobot :)....