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Just a few questions

  1. does the person who asks the question when they start the thread select who gets EZ-credit or is it like DJ Sures when he looks over the thread or something
  2. is there any other way to get EZ-credit then awnsering questions much EZ-credit do you get per question awnsered

PS.if you were wondering i'm a 10 year old that's trying to get the dovelopers kit and my parents won't get it for me so i'm trying to work around that eyeroll


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  1. You can also write a tutorial for a store credit... the amount of store credit varies depending on the tutorial...
  2. $3 is given for successfully answering/helping someone solve a problem....
  3. Sounds like my childhood... Had to buy my own things if I wanted something....:) I was never given anything, had to earn it...
  4. You're a pretty smart 10 year old...:) I suggest pleading and begging or asking for an early Christmas gift.... Making them feel guilty might work as well...:) You can also tell them that the future job market is in robotics and if then don't buy you the developer's kit you will never get a job and will have to live at home with them forever...:P

I showed my mom and she laughed :P


Tell you Mom that you will really benefit from this... I am being serious now... The future really is in robotics.... The ezb4 is way better than even Lego (that's what I had as a kid)... I hope your parents find a way to buy you this... You're a smart kid and this is a great outlet for you....


that's the reason i'm talking to you right know