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Ive had this product since 2013 and just recently got back into it. I was wondering can the new software work with the ezbv3. If not where can I find the software to use this model.


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The current version still works with the ez-b as far as I know.


You can be sure the current version will work. However you won't be able to take advantage of some of the features.


Thank you, it seems when i try to use ezbv3 config in the new software it doesn't find the board. Any tips?


I was able to connect to the board via the firm ware updater and it worked perfectly. Now when I try to do it in the builder it cannot find the board, its a different interface from what I am use to. Is there a video for this new interface.


Select the com port in ARC and press the connect button. Be default there is an IP address there. Select your com port and off to the races you go


Great that did it I kept closing it and opening the "EZ-B v3 Config control" due not having the wi-fi capable board. Thank you Dj Sures!