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Ez-B With Irobot Braava


I see you have iRobot Roomba using EZ-B. Can we EZ-B with Braava? If so then how to that?


Wow that's a real neat device. I'm surprised the debug mode was so easily accessible. Hopefully it's recoverable. The cube idea is pretty neat. I take it that the cube replaces the IR beacon of the charger on older Roombas?
have the Target to debugger and Programming Microcontroller Mint AT91SAM7S256.
I can try to see what happened. I can try to connect a terminal to the serial port of the microcontroller.

I'm also a Neato XV-11 bought it broken and repaired. It also has a USB port, but the Neato accepts several commands to use it as a robotics platform.

The Northstar cube is used to provide navigation during a cleaning run and the unit can navigate back to where it started from when the cleaning session is finished or the battery need recharging. The unit must be placed into the optional charging base or the power supply plugged directly into the charger jack. There are no IR location buoys used for navigation.

I also connected a PC via USB to a 5200 Mint and converted the Mint into a Doorstop.
You know how do I get out of the Doorstop?

Unable to leave the Doorstop even disconnecting the battery.

So far I have been unable to get the 5200 to do anything since the USB connection to my PC was established then some LEDs flashed then the 5200 went dead and nothing else. I have since then purchased a used 5200 from ebay and use my doorstop model for spare parts.
This is a problem I ran into earlier this year:


What happens is when it's plugged in and you press two of the buttons together, it gets into a part of the firmware that doesn't like what you're doing and it basically self-destructs. I'm sure it's not on purpose, but what it does is send either invalid commands to the LED driver or overpowers the LEDs and 1 or more of them burn.

Once burnt, they allow too much current through and on powerup they cause the board to brown out and shut off. This causes the short flashing and or faint noise that's heard when you press a button, because that's what it does when it boots up normally: flashes the lights and makes that loud 'happy' noise.

I was able to get mine replace under warranty, but I don't recommend trying it to anyone else. I'm eventually going to hook up a JTAG connector to the board, but I have other things on my plate for now. I recommend any hacking that happens to be after a code dump of the processor. I can help read the firmware if anybody does manage to get it off.