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Ez-B V4 Not Resetting When I Press The Reset Button. Light Is Blinking Green

I'm not sure if there is some similarity with this issue and my previous post but just in case I'd rather make a separate post. I'm trying to simply reset my EZ-B from Client Mode to default AP mode and it is not resetting. Currently the light is blinking green after I have reset it and I don't hear any verbal messages. I don't hear the message that says it has reset.

I've check the Connection & Troubleshooting page, I've checked the tutorial on How to Connect Your EZ-B v4 to your computer, Resetting Your EZ-B v4 lesson and many pages of Forum posts but not seeing how to resolve this issue. It was working fine yday but since I'm having issues my wifi adapter I just want to reset to default along with my other EZ-B controller.
Suggestions appreciated.


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Okay sorry folks. I did get it to reset. But I must say am seeing some inconsistencies with how long you have to keep the reset button pressed. Is there a specific amount of time I need to keep it depressed. I had to keep the button pressed for about 30 seconds to get it to reset. My other EZ-B i just press it and it resets. Is this normal?
No, that's not normal. I've noticed that it resets for me within a second or so when I press it. I have had times when I didn't press it all the way down and thought there was an issue like you just had. Turned out I was using too large of a tool to get all the way through the hole and only got a little pressure on it. I now "carefully" use the end of a paperclip. With that I can actually feel the button being pushed and bottom out when the little bugger gets to the bottom of it's stroke. ;) Try a thinner tool and see if you have a better contact.

Just speculation here but if this continues it's possible that little reset button is faulty.
Also, is this the same ezb that doesn't always show up in the wifi list?
For easy identification: (EZ1)=EZ-B that shows up in wifi list intermittently or not at all
(EZ2)=EZ-B that had issue resetting but shows up in wifi list

@DJ thanks for those links. Those were the ones I reviewed before I posted. @Dave Shulpius I'm using the same tool(i.e. a very small flat end hex tool) that fits perfectly in the slot.

EZ1 resets fine with no problem with the exception of the wifi list issue. With EZ2 I do hear the button click so I know it's pressed. I will monitor for awhile to see. @DJ to answer your other question, EZ2 is not the one I'm having trouble with showing in my wifi list. This one shows up every time I plug it in. EZ1 is the one that doesn't show up consistently . I'm thinking my wifi card is working ok because EZ2 shows up great all the time.

I have powered down many times and EZ1 will occasionally show up than disappear and never return. *sick* . Also I noticed a new issue is that when I plug in EZ2 and it shows in wifi list and than I plug in EZ1, they both disappear and when I unplug EZ1 than EZ2 shows up in the list. I'm really confused by EZ1 and what it's doing. I guess it could be my wifi card but I'm not sure since EZ2 shows up fine. Sorry for long response but just trying to explain it as clear as possible :) . Unless anything changes I guess I should purchase a new wifi card.

Once again thanks for continued help with this.
The next step would be to follow the advice of the master. Please let us know the results after you either try a different PC or the new card. I'm very curious and looking forward to see you up and running.
Thanks Dave. My new one will be here soon and hope for the best :)
I now have a usb wifi adapter and things seem to be more stable. I'm noticing that when I use my EZ-B's in client mode that my connection is more stable. When I use in Access mode than my signal seems to drop more.

When I go to a con or anywhere what is the best method to stay connected to my EZ-B controller besides not being to far from my robot :D . And along these lines, what is the average operating distance that I could operate my robot before losing a connection? At home I can go about 10-15 feet before I hear the EZ-B disconnect but at a convention it could vary i'm guessing.

Lastly I noticed that my motors kept turning when I got disconnected from the EZ-B, how would I preempt something like this?
Thanks again!
The distance of WiFi signal is an arbitrary measurement due to an unknown number of attributes in your environment. It is absolutely impossible to predict the wifi distance because there may be significant interference in your environment. For example, wifi saturation of other devices, microwave ovens in nearby dwellings, power lines, and even the building construction material.

Here is a good FAQ about WiFi: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/FAQ.aspx#9

As for your second question, the motors will continue to operate when the ez-b disconnects because the last signal transmitted from the ez-b maintains in the HBridge. This mean the motor driver (hbridge) continues to operate with the last instruction it received.

If i told you to walk forward, and i died... you would continue walking forward for ever because i'm no longer present to tell you when to stop.

There are quite a few threads with discussion on this topic. How to stop the motors when the ez-b disconnects. It can be done by creating a small circuit which monitors the ez-b led status, but that's not an easy job and i highly DO NOT recommend it.

Add a safety switch to your robot so if it does disconnect and "run away", you can easily flick a switch which cuts power to the hbridge and stops the wheels:)

Lastly, you can monitor this thread for @ptp awesome firmware update, when it is available: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=9395