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Ez-B V2.1 Owners?

Hey everyone - I was wondering if anyone on here owns an EZ-B v2.1? There were only 100 sold before the v3. I'm curious if there are any around...

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Nice, love the history lessons and seeing the LM232. do you have a component break down of the board maybe a schematic. What bluetooth module did you use, is the microcontroller an 18F4455 ?
Yeah that lm232 was a great find for that board. The v3 eventually used a heat sinked 5 amp regulator, that was way more efficient

I forget the micro. It was a 18f465 I believe? At 40mhz with pll

The 2.1 was a prototype to see if there was an addressable market interested in this sort of modular robot platform. I soldered them in my basement haha. It was a fun time!
DJ I dont think i have ever seen one but i do remember way back on youtube when you first started showing how you could make it more easy to hack the robosapiens.That was when I had my v2 looking to find hacks.Of course back then i thought you just had a temporary business idea that would go nowhere. Wow was i ever wrong about that LoL!
Thanks RoboRad:) It's been a fun and long adventure - that's for sure! A lot of other robot companies have come and gone in the time we've been progressing.