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Ez-B Bluetooth Connection

Are there any good troubleshooting techniques for the blue tooth? I have a Dell Windows 7 laptop that connects no problem to my blackberry 9300, but I cannot get it connected in ARC, it just tells me it fails. I successfully paired to the EZ-B, and received info that com6 and com9 were applied, however it sees it as "linvor" not "EZB" in the bluetooth properties. I have not done a bunch with Bluetooth, so I am not sure what I might be missing. When I check the properties for the linvor bluetooth item, it shows com6 and that the device is working. I am not sure how to fix this.


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Yes, I did figure that out, but ARC will not connect to the com port that is reflected in that device.


Usually when that is the case it is an amperage issue. Try fresh batteries or an alternative source.


Lundebc , toss those as batteries man , get you a small 6v battery like ub645 , 4.5ah for ten dollars , or a nicd 7.2v rechargeable rc pack. As batteries just aren't made to handle current well , I tried radioshack batt AA and it wouldn't even stay on.


Thanks all, I'll try using a power supply as you suggest!


That worked, and I can get a successful connection. Right away I get a invalid firmware, andti disconnects. I then ran the updates, but it fails with an error. If the ARC connects, should not the updated be able to connect as well?


Well, I did a bit of fiddling around, and now I have achieved a connection with the Updater program. I had to delete the bluetooth connection and reconnect it, and wa-lah, it worked. It is in the process of updating the firm ware now.Yay!


I usually have to fool around to get mine working too after an update. No biggie after you have had time to use it and update again. JW :)