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Ez-B + Arduino And Power

Hello all,

I am working on a BB-8 and I want to use the Ez-B as the brains. I have wired up an arduino to take care of talking to the various LEDs in the head. But right now I have a separate power supply for the arduino and a different one for the Ez-B. How have other people done this? Is it possible to use just one power source?

Thanks for the help!



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can you describe:

1. EZB Voltage input
2. Arduino model
3. How many Leds and what type
4. Are the leds connected to the Arduino Pins or via a transistor ?
I hope this helps. The LEDs that I am using are simple monocolor LEDs. I do not have the exact specs with me.

As for the voltage input to the EZB, I was going to use the battery pack that came with the developers kit. But I could switch to a Lipo battery instead if that would work better.

User-inserted image
Power sources:

1) developer kit battery pack with 6 x Rechargeable AA (NiMh)
6 x 1.2 = 7.2v 1900 mAh

2) developer kit battery pack with 6 x Non Rechargeable AA (Alkaline)
6 x 1.5 = 9v 2500 mAh

3) Lipo Battery
7.4v 1300 mAh

Based on the public specs:

1) EZB (4.5-16v)

2) Nano via VIN pin (7-12v)

3) Adafruit circuit V+ Pin (5-30v)

you can share one of the above power sources between all the 3 circuits.

i strongly recommend a 7.4v Lipo Battery if you have plans to add the ezb servos to your project.
Thanks! I do not plan on adding Servos at this point. This is just for the head of BB-8 so it is more LEDs and some sounds.

Thank you again for the help!