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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Ez Wallpaper / My Wallpaper Setting

I noticed in the Options-Preferences section there is a check box to "Display EZ Wallpaper". When using my own wallpaper image as set in the Project-Details section what happens if this box is checked?

I did have it checked with my own wallpaper set and as EZ Builder was starting up I did see the EZ Wallpaper appear for a second only to be covered up with my image. When I uncheck the box I see only a blue background when starting up before my image pops in there.

If the "Display EZ Wallpaper" is checked is the EZ Wallpaper still in memory and eating up resources when my image is being displayed? Is it best to keep this box unchecked if using my own image or does it really matter? *confused*


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No, it loads the default wallpaper when you load the project, then replaces it with yours. The memory is replaced with your wallpaper:)

I write as efficiently as possible. I have to with ARC because it does so much!
Sorry, I should have known. *tired*

You're the best. :)