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Ez V4 Firmware Update

Having trouble up dating firmware tried two computers to Bluetooth connect to module . Can't using either computer. Is there a Bluetooth adapter you recommend ?

Thanks joel


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The EZ-B V4 has not had a firmware update, and it is WiFi not Bluetooth. Are you using an older V3, or trying to use the Firmware Updater with your V4 even though there is no reason to do so at this time?


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The EZ-B v4 is not Bluetooth and does not require a firmware update. The v4 connects to your computer/smartphone via WiFi. The old discontinued V3 controller was Bluetooth.

Click the link below that will take you to the EZ-B v4 tutorials which show you how to connect it.

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Steve, I need to keep a grip on my 4th place questions answered somehow:)

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Thanks for fast response ....I thought I needed to update the firmware on ez v4. Just for the code running on it.