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Ez Robots; What Comes 1St, The Kit Or The Board?

Hi EZ Robots staff, I've got 3 EZB V4's on order. Who will you take care of first, the newbies who are spending the big bucks on the entire kits or those of us who are ordering the new boards to upgrade?

I'm taking off work a few weeks in December and hope to have my 3 boards here and spend my vacation replaceing the 3 old V3's I have in my robot.

BTW, thanks for getting this pre-order going so we can look forward to something. :)


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Lol, don't worry Dave - they'll go out per order number. We have ramped up some serious staff to take care of shipping. Revolution. Seems to be quite popular:)

Needless to say, eZrobot has become a real company! You'll always be one of my favorites
Ps, you're really really really going to love the v4

The number of changes are outstanding. Specifically the audio you will take advantage of. Also, the camera connects to the ezb so you don't need a separate dongle. And because it's wifi with a serious processor, the data polling you do for the waist of your b9 will be more responsive.
You've been a real company to me sense day 1! The answer to my childhood dreams!

Thanks for the quick answer DJ. I knew you guys had integrity. However I had to ask to put that nagging little voice in the back of my head to rest. I placed my order about 5 hours after the store opened.

One of the founders of the "B9 Builders Club" put in an order for 3 V4's today. He said "this will be the new next generation of B9". He is very excited and looking forward to rebuilding his 1990's programming.

Cant wait to get V4. I'm really looking forward to smoothing everything out and adding more room!
those are really kind words. thanks dave:)

I really need some free time to spend with robots again... hopefully soon!
@dj sures,

thanks for the update... question any early shipping?