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Ez Robot Summer In Belgium

Ez robot jd on a hacker camp in belgium FRI3D camp... having fun...
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Don't let him to close the camp fire while he's roasting marshmellows! He'll melt. Watch out for bears! He can't run too fast.
That's awesome! What's going on there? Hacker party in the bush? Sweet! I wanna come

You must come next year ! Outdoor camping. Check , wifi in tent check, power in the tent check, robots ready check, 300 hackers and makers... Check. 3 full days of workshops and demo's check.... Good food and nice people.... It's heaven !:):)
Unreal! That's all I have to say. We don't have cool stuff like that here. Maybe we'll have to start it!
@DJ Sures : Do it, make it, build it! Having fun !;);)