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The only way to assign static ip's is through Static DHCP leases on your router.


Thanks for the reply. Assigning the address through DHCP on the router via a long term lease is fine, but this would be a network maintenance problem if I have several robots. We are a Makerspace and currently I have 5 robots, and plan for more. eyeroll


Yes, I setup 5 controllers on one of my robots. I had to do this to keep from IP's getting reassigned. Long term leases are one thing, but static DHCP lease are another. It still uses one of your IP addresses in your scope but it won't change even if the robot isn't connected for an extended period of time.


Yes I agree about the robot not connected but still upon return getting the same address. You just need the MAC address for the robot to reserve the address. I think thats a good solution for environment were there will be multiple robots. What I am doing is "reserving" and sub range within my DHCP rand for the robots.


Thanks @d.cochran for your help. After speaking with some network geek friends, they said that the best solution in the long run.