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Ez Hud / Plug In Question For Dj Or/And James Graham Hu


So the EZ Hud display is moving along and I'm moving into the ARC control of the HUD and my brain is going in all different directions. I think I might need a little guidance here.

So there will be at least 15-20 control commands for setting values of the various HUD charts and graphics. The HUD plugin is very monolithic, being that it has a bunch of script commands to run it.

I think I might trying to be to ambitious here/ programmer over complicating a feature. Should I break the HUD into separate plugins that can be added as needed. Which would be around 5 - 6 or should I continue to keep it as a single plugin and try to minimize the amount of EZ script for configuration and updating?

I noticed James Graham Hu uploaded a great plugin to control bitmap overlays. Is your vision in-terms of building plugins a building block approach to compositing a video overlay and graphics should be more modular or having a elaborate configurable HUD for more advanced ez scripters is an okay approach?

I know the question is not worded very well but I think you might have an intuitive sense of the issue I am struggling with.

Maybe you could ramble on about your vision for plugins or best practices type explanation...


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Hey @leversofpower,

I'd like to say that your EZ Hud plugin is looking pretty nice:D Now, if I understand correctly, you are suggesting breaking the plugin up into separate smaller plugins that each control a different element of the HUD?

If your plugin does not allow for users to upload their own custom images then I would keep it as a single plugin.

If users are allowed to upload custom images (similar to my plugin) I think that your idea to split the plugin up would work very well. Firstly, it would be much easier to program since you would know that each plugin could only hold one element (as opposed to an unknown amount). Secondly, it would be much more organized in ARC because the variables would be much more sorted rather than all jammed into one plugin. Whenever you need to add a new element, you just add another EZ HUD control. Just make sure you allow users to change the name of the control:)

A modular approach for an elaborate configurable HUD:D