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Ez Cloud

I uploaded my latest file to the cloud with success however when I went back I could not retreive it. I tried deleted it and resaved it to no avail. I even tried it from work. I have fresh installations of the latest EZ Builder on both computers.


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If you provide me with details i'll be able to help you
What do you want to know. I went to file, cloud, open from cloud, chose my file and clicked on download file. and nothing. I let it go for five minutes and noting.
I'll need to know what happened and what version of ARC. For example, did you receive an error? Did the button say Loading and grey out? Did the response return with "File Loaded"? Did the project load, but only partially? Etc

If it works 100% for us, I can't test it anymore than we have done. So I'd need to know what your experience is so I know what to look for.
I just tried again and after I click on "load selected file" the screen goes back to ARC welcome screen and the Cloud screen disapears. 2012.01.23.00
I'm running a few tests. it's offline for a few minutes
How big is your file?
Hmmmm that might be it. I didn't know anyone had files that large! Awesome. We'll take a look at it this evening
Thanks DJ,
Buster has a large appetite. He really does eat too many amps. He has so many accessories he is tilting the scales at about twenty pounds now. Thanks for your help.
LOL geez that's a heavy robot! He's heavy weight for sure:)

Latest version of ARC works with large files (up to 10MB)
As usual you are the best! Works flawlessly now. I thank you and Buster thanks you.
I can't wait for servospeed to be operative. Buster wants to show off his dexterity.
Nice , I love you have a heavy bot. I'm sure mine will approach that to!