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Ez Builder Script Interface And Serial Communications

I am liking the interface that we now have with EZ Builder ALOT. Well done DJ! I am able to control ARC with an outside python program which is awesome for my projects.

What I am realizing is that within ARC there are few 'GET' type functions available. For example, you cannot get the state of a Digital port without a control (at least from what I have found). The controls are 'getting' the information obviously but there is no script command to have the EZB return a value other than the I2CRead and I2CPoll from what I can see.

Are there any plans for this by any chance? For example a script command to poll the status of AD1 so i could use that value? Or even a command that could dump all variables back from the EZB. I think this is happening but just not as an available function.

Serial communications. Is there a syntax document available that defines the serial communication protocol between the COM port and the EZB? I realize a serial monitor could sniff everything out but just wondering if there was something like that available?

Thanks much




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I had the same question. Was going to wait at least until my EZ-B arrives before pestering DJ for more features;)

I haven't looked yet, but DJ has said that the BT serial protocol is exposed in the SDK.

Hey Alan,

That makes sense that it would be. I am not sure where to look. Probably have to do some digging around. Hope your EZ B arrives soon!
It will be easier to add the commands to our script interface than it would be for you to implement our protocol. The protocol is open in the SDK, but not very user friendly. It's actually quite complicated due to the dynamics to ensure high speed communication. There's a compromise when architecting anything "Technical", and it's between user-friendly and speed. I chose speed:)

I'll add getDdc and getDigital commands for you:)
@kkeast get latest version of ARC. script command help now defines getadc, getdigital and getping
DJ, you are most awesome! This totally solves my request to be able to add functionality without losing all the ease of use of EX-Builder for routine tasks. Adding tcp commands in visual basic or is trivial, so now any component with an sdk can be triggered from our trigger events on ex-builder. Integrated home automation and robotics is just a few scripts away!


Alan said it all. Thanks ! Very KEWL.

Well, I said it all with the exception that my phone kept replacing ARC with ex-builder. Lol