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Ez Builder Project Autosave

I have been working on debugging scripts for my robot lately and occassionally end up hanging up EZ builder. I may just be too impatient not waiting for it to come back, but I have needed to occasionally kill it with the task manager. Unfortunately this does not give me and opportunity to save my work.

Any chance of there being an autosave feature implemented for projects which would automatically save them periodically? Being able to select the correct lenght of time on the autosave would be great.

Then at least all but the latest changes would be saved for me.

The autosave would not be needed once a project is fully developed so it would be nice to be able to turn it on and off.


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United Kingdom
Do what I do, save after every change that's confirmed OK. You get in to the habit of clicking save after a while.
No thank you on the auto save. It might save a mistake over a good script.
United Kingdom
I second that, although I do have backups and save important things to the cloud also an autosave would be a nightmare when attempting to improve a script, or even (as I find I do a lot) adjust a script for a different purpose - mostly on I2C/Serial LCDs for displaying data.

If an autosave feature is added I would hope it can be turned off.
Im not sure about an autosave. it would be good for some reasons but it may save the wrong information or interrupt your work half way through writing a line and causing a major defect.