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Ez Builder Error Message And Crash

I've tried multiple times to install EZ Builder on a high end windows 10 machine so I can set up JD's servo profile but every time I try to load the JD project I get the following error:

Error at loading of ippSP library

No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure

Then the program just crashes.


How do I create servo profiles and get it onto an iPad if I can't get EZ Builder to load and run?

Craig & Liam

AI Support Bot
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United Kingdom
This has been a problem that has popped up before. The probable reason why ARC is crashing in your PC maybe due to the fact that you may have or have had GoPro software installed on the PC, hence the No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure error. This is a GoPro driver bug that prevents other camera devices from working. Try uninstalling the GoPro driver.

Have a look at the first link on the AI-Support Robot Post.

Also, have a look at the following link which you may find useful as well..