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Ez- Bits

Hello to all,
I have been absent for some time but am back on board. I have my order in for the EZ-B V4. I have been looking for the STL files for EZ-Bits to no avail. I know they are in the software somewhere but can't seem to locate them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks from Roger the Bookmaker.


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Hi aameralis,
Thanks for the reply but I have been looking in ARC for days to no avail. Can you please be more specific. Which pull down and what category. I see nothing listed as projects or library except the Cloud library but nothing there either.
Thanks in advance.
I must really be missing something. All I see is File, Utilities, Add Control, Windows, an Help. No Projects.
United Kingdom
To save the STL files you will need to go in to the design tool under the My EZ-Robot section of the Project tab on the ribbon.

Select the EZ-Bit type from the right hand side drop down and click on the blue i symbol
You should then have a screen like this one;

User-inserted image

Save the STL files you need by clicking on the Save STL buttons
I just figured out that I didn't have the latest version. Now it all makes sense. Thanks for the help!