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Error When I Try To Trainee Objects. ARC Crashes

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I see - please select an area that is within the image boundaries.

I will add an error message if an area outside of image boundaries is selected in a future release. It apparently currently crashes.

Also, please do not select bug reports as REQUESTING ASSISTANCE. Requesting Assistance is for the reasons stated in the description, not for bug reports. I monitor bug reports :). Requesting Assistance is for asking others users to help you achieve something.
This message will appear when an area is selected outside of the visible image dimensions on future release of ARC.

User-inserted image

In the meantime, do not select areas that exceed the image dimensions
I will press conversation in future.
I thought you had to press REQUESTING ASSISTANCE,
when I need help.
My English is not so good and I work a lot with google translator.

To my pale.
I click into the image of the camera.
I can not get a range displayed.
How can I be outside the camera area,
Although I click into the picture?
You can see in the video exactly where I click.
Do I have the wrong camera resolution?
I have repeated this process 10 times.
Apparently the area of my mouse is outside the picture,
Although I work with it.
It might be the resolution as well. Let me take a look and see if 640x480 causes issues but i haven't been able to reproduce it yet.
Thanks for the tip with the resolution.
I'll remember that.

I have just experimented with the resolution.
If I make the resolution smaller, get the red selection window.
I had already wondered and thought all the time the instructions are older.

If I make the resolution 640x480,
The selection window is far right at the bottom.
At 640x480 I have to press the upper left into the camera,
To have a window at the bottom right.

But it is a little difficult in all resolutions,
A window to get the right position.

Is the camera interpolated in this resolution?
This might explain this mistake.

Here is the resolutiontest for tracking.
I hope this can help you.
Yeah - I see what is happening with 640x480. I'll take a look at resolving that. However, in the meantime use 320x240