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Asked — Edited

Error. This Computer Culture Has Its Seperator Set To '.'

Error. This computer culture has its seperator set to ',' this setting needs to be set to . for all EZB robot software to work.

Why cant i keep my comma as seperator ?
Thats normal in my country..

And why am i forced to update anyway, it worked fine before.
Im always scared an update in the future will eventually render my EZB useless.

Is there a way to get to use my , as seperators still ?


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ARC is a development environment. Programming standards require decimal values to be seperated by a period. Unfortunately, this decision was decided many decades ago.
Hmm, well i fixed the problem . forced my Pc to use . instead of ,
But i wish the EZB software would check if a system uses , or . and then 'translate' it for all users to use..
Maybe a future feature?
a program that scans the local setting and uses a ' , ' to ' .' -Translator if needed ?