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Epic Fail

Good Evening,

I was working on a project and I got stumped with arrays. I was trying to create an array and I really did not know how. Keep in mind I already had a project where I had two string variables and I wanted to add to the array. So, I click on help at the top and then I click on example projects. The window pops up and I choose open from the DefineArray. What I did not realize that all the work I just did is now gone and a completely new project opened up. --------> I <--------- did not save what I just did.

So, for all of you out there in the community make sure you save, and save often.


P.S. Any help with arrays would be most helpful. IE: How to create and add to it and then recall when needed.



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Also a good idea to do a save as before starting a work session so you can easily revert back to the last known good configuration.

Perhaps one day DJ will add auto-save with versioning as a feature when he geta the ither 300 things on the wish list done:)

I'll leave the array question for someone who has used the feature to answer.