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Engineered Arts, Cornwall Uk

Interesting company based in Cornwall that I picked up off a BBC news story

They have great projected face systems for their robots


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I want them arms!..

In fact, I want one of them robots structures, it'll be perfect for my big project.

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Amazing arent they and installed worldwide at various exhibitions etc

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And they have a few vacancies:) Shame they aren't offering what I currently get (and need) otherwise I'd be relocating down to Cornwall in a heartbeat!..

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I noticed that wonder if they need a good project manager


Hey winstn60 thanks this was great, found out they have one in Pittsburgh at Roboworld.

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There is a really good piece here on the BBC with a great video.


These robots are really nicely engineered, its been my dream for over 40 years to have a robot factory like this! Hoping to finally make that dream come true later this year.


Did anyone notice in the first video that they had a Kinect in the background.