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Emoticon 404 Error

If you try and press an emoticon it gives 404 error.


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:D *blush* *confused* *cool* *eek* :( *mad* *eyeroll* *sick* *sleep* :) *stress* *tired* :P ;)
all emotions work
woah. it just glitched and put it on my other post here.
When my browsers start acting up I clear the cache by holding the Ctrl key while refreshing (F5) my browser. I'm not sure of the details but, code gets stuck in you're browser and interferes with the packet information and causes browser errorr. You might have to do it a couple of times to flush it completely. This is NOT THE SAME as going into your options and clearing the cache that way.

I have the problem alot on forum sites in general. Something about the way all of the code runs in them I'm guessing. Not sure why but I get issues in forums all of the time and that sets it straight. (I actually had issues with Bing.com the other day. It said it couldn't find any results to my searches. I had to do this trick to fix it. ) It doesn't delete anything that you'll ever notice. It doesn't remove any files in your temp directories or clear out cookies. It sort of just flushes out brain farts.

And it works for almost every browser. I use my tablet alot(android) and I can hold the Ctrl key and touch the refresh icon on it and it works for it too. I've also tried it with a variety of browsers available for Android and it works for them all as well.

I just learned about this a few months ago. I'm in an IT specialist program now and no one, not even the instructors knew about it. Nothings cooler than being able to teach your teachers something 1 week into class. ;-) Just be tactful. You don't wont to upset or make enemies with your teachers and classmates.

Maybe this trick will help you out.
Nope just stuff clogged in the browser's brain. It was never explained in great detail to me but it has to do with what used to be called "Check for new versions of a page or display cached version" setting on most browsers. It clears things like session variables and database connections that are still running in the back ground. It's totally non-destructive. If you're logged into a site you'll have to re-log in, as session state is usually one of the session variables that get kept in the browsers cache.

I guess it's memory cache. Not file cache or anything like that. I learned about it from being a member of a Transformers collectors site. They have been re-writing alot of its code over the past few months and that's a tip the developer shared with the users so they could see the results of the update. I wish I had more technical details on the matter ;-(

Even if it doesn't solve this issue you're having, I guarantee that now you know this trick, it will come in quite handy.
nope still added the pic to other comments.

I'll make another post.