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Eagerly Awaiting Ez-B V4 And Other Parts

Hello, I would like to introduce myself and get a bit of advice. My name is David. I have worked in IT for about 20 years and have purchased a robomow when they first came out and built a Talrik II in the distant past. Work got in the way of my building and the sprinkler system got in the way of the robomow, so I have simply been programming and working over the past 15 years. I was very excited to run across EZ-Robotics about a month ago and got very excited about the potential that I saw in this awesome little board. I got even more excited when reading the community section of this site. The things you are all doing are not only fascinating, but absolutely amazing.

I am back into robotics because of the information I have gathered on this site. The multiple Wall-e builds out there have me building one of my own. This brings me to my question that I need a little help with though. I want to monitor the volts left in my battery array. I see that there are multiple people doing this on the site, and see that it is possible to do this on the Arduino (to some degree of success) without an external device. I have looked through the programming guides for the EZ-B and haven't found anything that would allow me to do this yet. Is there a device that you are using in your project that you could recommend for measuring volts, or is there a method that you use that you have found is more successful than other methods? My goal is to simply say that the bot needs to be charged at 3.5v. Also, I plan on making the Solar Charge Level panel on the front of my wall-e project functional. I don't need to know how to do those things, but rather what to use from a breakout board perspective to get the value back from an analog, i2c or uart port. My project will use 7.4v lipo and have it regulated down to 5v prior to powering the EZ-B.

Thanks in advance for your help. I have really enjoyed seeing the amount of data flying across the community pages. Keep up the great work and go ahead and ship me my EZ-B ?


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The EZ-B v4 has built in voltage monitoring. It an be read from a script to trigger whatever low voltage action you need

Perfect. That is what I needed to know. I just haven't found that one yet. Thanks for the help Alan.
Hi @d.cochran, welcome to the EZ-Robot Community! Our community spans across 122 countries around the world and has some of the best robot builders out there. We are truly proud of our community and their willingness to help each other out:) We hope to see you get involved and build some amazing EZ-Robots as well!