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EZ Builder For IOS?

Ok DJ,

Seeing how you mentioned there's only one of you on the Linux thread (we could clone you:) ), perhaps we can draw you out again.

Don't see any Mac software at all.

Now I am a multi facited Nerd and play in many environments and think with the advent of tablets taking over the laptop sales you might want to consider it!

I think an iPad would be a mighty fine platform to run your stuff on. Perhaps there are some form of conversion software to port over to IOS.

Just sayin' :-)

Edit - you could charge 99 cents on the app store for developement costs. Apple already sold something like 5 million ipads. Nice fodder !!


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Apple locks down the bluetooth connectivity and limits it to headsets and audio. I have contacted Apple and they didn't even give me a response:(

There is a serial adapter that can be purchased for the iPhone now. But it would require a wire. I could technically add a bluetooth module to it that is specific to the EZ-B, but that would be expensive.

There are thousands of lines of code in ARC. I can't imagine replicating that in an iPhone. At the least, I could have very generic servo control on Android or iPhone.

After hardware, shipping, website and software, there is zero money left over from EZ-B purchases. The project is currently supported by our personal investment. Not much there for multiple developers.... yet:)

Let's hope we can change that!! Lots of organizations are helping out and trying to help get the project out there. Make Magazine has been a great help! Solarbotics has also done more than expected. Now we're seeing news articles and i've been doing interviews.

Hopefully we'll see an increase in hobbyist activity within the EZ-Robot project. Hopefully the project will prove itself to be worthy:)
United Kingdom
DJ I have asked Active Robot here in the UK if they could stock the EZ-B board as they already stock Solarbotics products they said it wouldn't be a problem and could add some to their next order they just wanted to know the Solarbotics stock or item number??

This would really help with shipping times and import duty that I had to pay last time and would help spread the EZ-B word
Solarbotics is a reseller of the EZ-B. They would get better pricing if they dealt with EZ-Robot.com directly. I'll have Amy forward our retail pricing guide to them:)
United Kingdom
Hi DJ that will be grand:)
Great to see that you at least tried to engage them (Apple).

Sometimes it's just a matter of presentation, but I'm sure you know that.

Right now, Apple is marketing (BIGTIME) to education for their PC's/Laptops (of course), but they're also trying to get the educational institutions to have an iPad for each student in a classroom.

If you were to put an educational spin on your request (robotics is a fun thing for kids, especially something like Wall-E), you might at least get a response.

On the actual Mac's, they can at least get PC emulation software and could probably run ARC on them (anyone ever tried?). I can see how it would be a project to port over to the iPad/iPhone (and let's not forget the iPod Touch).

Anyway...always nice to keep conversations going. One never knows what might come of it.