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EZ-B To Run On Android Os?


Iv been interested in robotics for a long time and been looking at this EZ-B platform for a couple of weeks thinking of different projects etc.

Ive ordered my first EZ-B today and cant wait to get started! Thanks to DJ Sures for this fantastic board and website!

Anyway back to the point I realize the whole program is made to work off a PC or laptop wich is great but I was also thinking if we get the ARC to run off an android os it would make robotics so much easier with modern technology!

Just think we could build a robot that run of android tablet? the specs of these things are quite good most of them nowdays have 1.2Ghz single and duel core processors plenty of ram and a touch screen! Like the charge status LCD on the wall-e project you could have a 7inch tablet or even a hitec 4.7inch cell phone embedded into the bot to run and display everything?

I realize there would probably be a lot of code work to be done but I think it would be a great idea?

On a second thought maybe it would be easier to get it to work on windows mobile 7? I dont have it so I dont know how it works but i do have android and its a fantastic os

I know some people have used android on the roboard rb-100 and pandaboard

So who like the idea? maybe we can a group of guys who know programming to work together?


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I'd support an open source development project for android tablet devices if it was a community project. I currently have thousands of lines of code into ARC and EZ-SDK. I couldn't manage development against other devices on my own:)

It would be very simple to have an android device doing basic control of the EZ-B (without camera detect, voice recognition, etc).

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basic controls is a good place to start, we wouldnt really need camera/ voice detection for a basic robot to run around in auto

Im busy looking at a way to get compact basic version of windows to run on android if i get that right then it will be easy to do from


Hmmm!!! That's interesting! Windows CE on an android device? Sweet!

I ordered an android tablet a few weeks ago. Hopefully I'll get it soon. When I do, expect an android app!

#4 bad you guys got the wrong one...

Make mine iPad ;-) (just kidding) :->


I wish! We've sent two emails to Apple and they ignored our plee. We want bluetooth access but no such luck.

Looks like we may resort to an adapter... I have some ideas but not sure if people would be happy with the implementation costs



New to the forum.

I think of the two OS's Android would be the best.

Android supports widgets, its open source and you can mess with the screen density to make multiple widgets easily readable on one screen

Please make it so i can us e my smartphone and tablet to control my droids......




So, two thoughts on this.

One, have you all seen It is really about controlling an Arduino from Android, although there are other devices supported as well. However, there have not been any updates in a long time and I suspect the project may have been abandoned. It is open source however, so could be a starting point. Given how few Android devices support USB host, the first thing I would want to see is conversion to Bluetooth which every Android device does, but seems like a fairly complex task on Arduino.

However, an easier way to start may be just modification (or a new) HTTP control to take commands as specific http get or posts rather than emulating the desktop. Easy to write a custom Android front-end as a web page.

You would still need a PC controller, but with WiFi or internet access, and the EZ-B BT to WiFi conversion, it could connect from anywhere in the world and would not even need to be near the robot (as long as you have control of whatever firewall the robot is behind at least), or you could do what I am planning (EZ-B order should be coming your way within a couple of weeks) and have the robot carry the computer. I am going to start with a Netbook, but at some point probably convert to a mini-ATX.