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EZ-B Tested By Solarbotics

Well! There hasn't been much (any) activity on the Forum since we put it online. Today I met with Solarbotics and passed an EZ-B onto them. Jeremy quickly grabbed the board and brought it home to play. I get a facebook message at 4 AM and he posted this video... The boy has been up late tonight:)


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Thanks DJ you read my mind!

I figured I'd start adding some content to the forums but you beat me to it! Anyway, figured I'd just add this for quick reference:

Iron Man riff:


I'd love to see people post more riffs, so we can get our bots jammin'!

I think it was Mark Martens that mentioned that an R2D2 riff would be sweet, I agree!


good idea. sorry to rob your spotlight on the video:) . It was the first one that someone else had done with the ez-b. I was too excited! lol