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EZ-B Stops Connecting To Computer.

Hi everyone,

I got my ez-b 2 weeks ago. I was able to successfully connect it to my computer, although it would sometimes take several attempt to have a successfull connection. But since this morning it stops connecting. Both status and bluetooth LED are flashing but it won't connect. I tried everything: I made sure the power supply is ok, I reinstalled EZ-Builder, successfully Paired the EZ-B with my computer, but it's still not connecting. Could someone help please?



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United Kingdom
On my EZ-B V3 board there is a cut in the track labelled Gnd on the header nearest the L4931 voltage regulator and missing C1 capacitor. This was obviously a mistake in the board design check you have that cut? We really could use a cct diagram to help fault find though

If the L4931 is hot then it is shorted somewhere to ground as Skater_j10 suggests. The only time my board behaves in a weird way is if the power supply is low and it needs a recharge. The motors still work but the EZ-B just loses contact.

Hope this helps
Thank you guys for latest feedback. I removed the L4931 regulator, but the same problem persist: the EZ-B won't connect at all.

I start to wonder if I should not order another EZ-B *stress*
Nicolson I am right there with you. I have just let mine sit around for the past few days because of my connection issue. I really think the Firmware on the EZB needs to be looked at as soon as DJ returns. My best guess is that there is a glitch in there some where...
Do you guys know when is DJ coming back?
United Kingdom
Just tried my EZB ver 3 board and it connects perfectly on com port 13. The EZ firmware updater reports Ver 12 installed no need to update
Winstn60 what version of ARC are you using? When I got mine it too had Frimware version 12 on it, but because I had the newest ARC software; it told me I had to update to Firmware v14. So I did and now I cant hold a connection or even get one after at least 10 tries.
could anyone provide me please with the older version of ARC? I would like to try to connect using it
United Kingdom

I have got ARC 2011.08.10.00 and firmware version 12. Which is the latest version's on DJ's EZB site. I have no idea how you have got V14 firmware!! unless you are a beta tester?

All the files are in C: windows program files (x86)EZ-Robot It would be easy enough to send you the folder and you can run it from there ok

However as a test I just uninstalled ARC and reloaded it from the ARC page on this website and it is exactly the same as before and all works with V12 firmware


However I have just tried reinstalling ARC without 1st uninstalling it from control panel and you get the repair uninstall option. Clicking on repair seems to screw up the Bluetooth comm ports so I'm now trying a machine reboot
United Kingdom
Reboot fixed it all my comms ports now have reappeared and I can connect again.
Hi every one,

Since it has been impossible to connect the EZ-B to my laptop using the bluetooth connection, I connected it using a serial to USB cable and found out that the firmware version is V85 when it should be V12. Does any one know what may be the reason? I include this video to show you guys.
Wow Nicolson looks like you've taken a Delorean trip to the future and you were able to get EZ-B firmware version 85!!! Very weird. With your USB to serial adapter try doing a firmware update to v12, the firmware updater comes with the ARC download, look for it in your programs under "EZ-Builder"

DJ even has a small tutorial on updating your EZ-B firmware.

P.S. I hope that you are using a USB-TTL serial adapter, as normal serial communication from a COM port is 7-12V and will most likely damage the PIC chip, where as TTL level serial is usually in the 5V range which is ok for the PIC chip (even voltage levels at 3V should still be OK).
Thanks sater_j10 for your feedback. I did try to update the firmware using the USB to serial adapter. Here's a video showing what happened:

Any suggestion?
United Kingdom
What speed does the USB to serial adapter work at can you alter this parameter? I doubt the firmware is V85 for what you are trying to do you need to know bit rate, parity etc to communicate correctly with the PIC chip. Good luck
Yes winstn60, I have full access to alter this parameter. The actual parameter is: 9600 bits per second, 8 data bits, parity None, stop bits 1, flow control None. Do you know the matching parameter for the PIC chip?
United Kingdom
Well I don't know actually

It could be 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800, 921600, and

I stumbled across what looks like the bluetooth module used on the EZ-B


Suggest you try 9600 and then go up in stages and see if you get more sensible results you. The original settings look to be 115200, N, 8, 1 from this data sheet

If this doesn't work I suggest you need a new EZ-B board
Thanks winstn60 for keeping in touch. There is a way to find out the exact parameter: please go on your computer to control panel, device manager, expand "Ports (COM and LPT), double click on the standard serial over bluetooth link COM port for your bluetooth connection, then click on the port settings tab, you should see the exact parameter.
Yeah I'm pretty sure that it's 9600 baud. It seems to me that you may have to get your PIC chip re-flashed the firmware seems quite messed (i.e. V85 showing up). DJ should be able to do it for you when he gets back from Vacation, or else you might be able ship your EZ-B back to Solarbotics if you purchased it from us and we can always quickly re-flash it for you. (Be aware that we ship ground when sending stuff back so it may take a little while).
Thanks skater_j10, yes I bought the EZ-B from this website. I will ship it back to you today, would you please let me know the address? don't worry about the shipping cost, I am willing to pay to get the EZ-B back fast.

It has been a frustrating week, many of my friends are desapointed, some are talking about $100 dollars scam! But me personally I don't think the EZ-B is a scam: to many of you guys in this forum seem to be happy with it and too much had been put in both the board and the software. The EZ-B is a master piece, it's the best way to build real robots.

Thank you all for your support.

Nick ;)
Hi skater_j10, would you please confirm that the ez-robot shipping address is the following?
4528 Stanley Road SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2S 2P9
Sorry Nick, Solarbotics is a separate entity than EZ-robot, we are a distributor. You'll have to wait for DJ to make a call on that one, please send a message to EZ-robot at the bottom of the FAQ section on the website.